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Tom Gazit

Ever since childhood I was interested in technology, and especially internet technologies. I'm endorsed with approximately 15 years of web programming experience (PHP, MySQL, jQuery.. and more).
In the army I served as a Network Administrator and was in charge of hundreds of End Users and tenths of different servers spread across the country (Including Switches [VLANS] & Routers Configuration, up to dealing with computer hardware itself). I also developed Automation and Security Programs using C#.
While and after my IDF Service I used Windows & Linux Servers as the backend of development projects. In time, I acquired knowledge and experience in security (DDOS preventions, SQL Injections, etc.).
I also dominate Photoshop so I have great image manipulation/edit skills.
I have strong interpersonal skills, high ethical values, and great motivation and ambition to grow with the company.

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IDF Service
System Administrator + Automation & Programming
PHP Developer @ IDI Ventures & Websplanet
Extended Physics Student @
Tel-Aviv University
2107 Q3
Full Stack Developer @ Websplanet
2017 Q4
2018 Q3
Front-End Team Leader @ Websplanet
2018 Q3
Full Stack Developer @ BioCatch

What I do

With vast knowledge & experience in web/server technologies I can blend into any new platform almost fluently.


I'm fully experienced in React, NodeJS, Python, Django, and much more. In the past coded in PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap, and more. Furtheremore, I also code in Java and develop Mobile Applications (And SDKs) for Android using Android Studio IDE.


I have great knowledge in CSS, jQueryUI, and more "design/client utilities" so I could FullStack any system from zero to production. I also dominate Photoshop so I can manipulate any image to the system's design needs.


I have experience in Linux & Windows servers. I tend to use Memcache-Files-Database synergy in order to develop the most efficient system depend on different needs and the available resources.


I have always been interested and fascinated by how things work - so I started a B.Sc Physics program @ Tel Aviv University, and finishing the B.Sc in the Open University. A list of all the courses I've done are shown in my linkedin page.

+ cups of coffee

+ lines of codes

+ F5-ed

My latest project:
Tel-Aviv University's Scan Bank

Tel-Aviv University's Scan Bank is a web-based system that any student can register to, download and/or upload study materials.

Browser friendly

With the correct use of jQuery, Bootstrap, and some Plugins - the system is assured to work with any browser.

Minimal design

The system design is clean, easy to learn, and very convenient for students.

Mobile Support

The site is fully accessible via smartphones.

Fully responsive

Bootstrap handles any browser platforms so that the system is fully responsive for any browser size and platform.

Two things are infinite: time spent on CSS and human stupidity; but I'm not sure about the time spent on CSS though.


Here are some projects I've worked on.



Or Oron

Graphic Designer at Oron's

It's rare to come across a guy as talented as Tom.
As a Graphic Designer, I had the pleasure of working with Tom for the last couple of months on several project such as apps and websites.
I was particularly impressed by Tom's brilliant ideas and the ability to get everything done perfectly in a short time, always smiling and making sure everybody is having a good time. It seems that Tom loves what he does and that's what makes him so good.
I guarantee that Tom would be an asset to any project.

Eytan Berinbaum

Tracking Funds Marketing & Sales

I have worked with Tommy during our time in the IDF.
I will sum it up by this:
Give tommy a mission - and he will run through walls for it.
Tommy is pure gold.

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